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Team Networking Group

TNG is designed to help professionals find their next career position as quickly as possible. We do this based on several core concepts:

  • To be ideal, your next job must fit you.
  • Job hunting is a broken process and to overcome this, you must engage differently
  • Most jobs are unposted and only available to those who know how to find them
  • As a seasoned professional, you have knowledge, skills, and experience that must be shared in order to maximize your job search
  • Lifelong learning is key to success in business, life, and your job search
  • As a group, we are stronger, smarter, and can find more opportunity than one individual on their own
  • As an individual, you have a responsibility to yourself, your family, and the group to participate at your highest level


Learn About Membership

TNG Meeting Details

Members, log it to get details and calendar links.

TNG Gold – 1

  • Meets Monday 9am to Noon EST

TNG Gold – 2

  • Meets Wednesday 9am to Noon EST

TNG Silver

  • Meets Tuesday 9am to 11am EST

Each group has a maximum of 20 members. TNG currently meets virtually using Zoom videoconference technology.

TNG Membership

The truth is, finding a job today is a challenge. From automated screening systems designed to weed out anyone who is not a perfect fit to the reality that many job postings are simply phantom listings, it can be discouraging to spend lots of time finding a listing, crafting your cover letter, optimizing your LinkedIn and resume, only to get a ‘ding’ letter. Or perhaps no response at all.

TNG is a membership organization. We currently we run 3 groups at 2 unique levels.

Gold Membership

Gold members are professional job seekers looking for a way around the traditional ‘post and pray’ method for finding a new position.  Gold membership focuses on determining your ideal job fit, effectively marketing yourself, finding hidden jobs through networking, and interviewing with success. 

Gold Membership Focuses:

  • Weekly training on our job search curriculum
  • Homework assignments
  • Networking to your next position

Silver Membership

Silver members are focused on finding a job. Our Silver program uses our founder Dale Hinshaw’s book ‘Surviving and Thriving in Your Job Search’ to focus on job search tools, tips, and techniques.

Silver Membership Focuses On:

  • Weekly check in and job focused training
  • Homework assignments
  • Introduction to networking and job skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TNG Work?

Believe it or not, it does. Not the same for each member, but here are some placement statistics


Number of Members Who Found Jobs (out of 40 member capacity)

  • 66

Months Required to Get That Next Job.

  • Over 60% got their next job in 6 months or less
  • Over 75% of members found their next role within 9 months

Historic Data

  • 2018, 78 placements = 1.5 jobs found per week
  • 2019, 88 placements = 1.7 jobs found per week
  • 2020, 66 placements = 1.3 jobs found per week (including during pandemic)
How Much Does TNG Cost?

TNG membership is a monthly fee. Costs are:

  • TNG Gold – $75 per month (9-month limit)
  • TNG Silver – $50 per month
  • Coaching – Starts at $75 per month

Click here to see what you get with each membership package

What Comes With Membership?

Gold Membership

  • A minimum of 12 hours of facilitated live group interaction and training each month
  • Access to up to 40 active TNG Gold members and hundreds of alumni willing to network and assist you
  • Member services such as a video archive and our TNG exclusive (TNG active and alums only) LinkedIn forum
  • A segmented curriculum that features training, workshops, and guest speakers
  • Personal access to your trainer and facilitator for individual mentoring
  • Introduction to advanced tools like LinkedIn influencer training, video interviewing, and sales training.

Silver Membership

  • A minimum of 8 hours of facilitated live group interaction and training each month
  • Access to up to 20 active TNG Silver members and hundreds of alumni willing to network and assist you
  • Member services such as a video archive and our TNG exclusive (TNG active and alums only) LinkedIn forum
  • A proven job search program that can shorten your job search and improve the quality and the attractiveness of the offers you receive

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What Level of 'Screening' Must I Go Through?

The core of TNG is its members. Each is a professional committed to finding new work and helping others in their group by participating actively. We focus on mid-career professionals and tailor our training to those jobs and the tactics to find them. We also limit our group membership to 20 people as we’ve found larger numbers diminish the experience and limit the value each member receives.

To be effective, and to provide the best service to you, we screen our membership candidates before inviting them to join. Initially that is a review of your resume and LinkedIn profile. We won’t criticize your work (heck, our job is to help you make those things better), but we do want to make sure you fit our ideal profile. After that, we conduct a short interview to explain the program to you and get your commitment to participate.

Assuming all that checks out it is then your turn to decide if we are good fit for you.

Do I Have to Live in Indiana or Indianapolis?

TNG was founded in Indianapolis and originally our meetings were local and in person. Now, our meetings are virtual allowing us to help members from all over the country. 

As we expand, our goal is to regionalize our groups to better serve each member locally. However, we’ve found that our training and support are extremely effective regardless of a member’s location. 

How Does TNG Compare to Others?

TNG strives to differentiate our services from others in the job search marketplace. Our feeling is that anyone looking for a new position should investigate all options and engage with the ones that offer the most value for them.

Generally, offerings available to job seekers break down as follows:

  • Company paid “Fee Based” Outplacement ServicesThese firms provide displaced employees outplacement training and coaching services as part of the severance package arranged by their previous employer. Generally, participants are provided job search services for a specific time period as part of the agreement with the employer. Participants generally have access to training, resume development, some networking and limited coaching services.
  • Government supported programs – Work One is a good example. The programs are usually free to the job seeker and offer a wide variety of learning subjects.
  • Community supported programs – Passport to Employment is a good example. These groups generally meet on a regular basis and provides a variety of learning and networking opportunities. The structure of their services and training vary. Fees are generally free or very inexpensive.
  • Private group programs – TNG falls into this category. We offer specialized, structured job training along with coaching in both group and individual settings. Our services are currently compensated by membership fees. It is important to note that TNG membership continues until the member finds a job or opts out of the program. Our services do not expire. Not all private groups have similar policies so make sure you check the program details carefully.
  • Private individual programs – These are personal career coaches. Most provide one on one services or workshop programs. Their fees vary and may be per event (i.e. workshop), per activity (i.e. resume creation) or hourly (i.e. coaching). Standard coaching rates run between $50 and $200 per hour. TNG works with several career coaches and experts that we can highly recommend for those who seek individual coaching.