TNG Membership

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Membership Details

All TNG Memberships have the same objective: to help job-seeking professionals find their next opportunity quickly and effectively. Active TNG members and alumni all share common resources including:

  • Access to the member’s only website containing resources and training archives
  • Access to the member’s only LinkedIn forum
  • Access to TNG’s alumni members who assist with coaching and job opportunities
  • Access to TNG’s staff for training and coaching

TNG offers two programs: Boost and Gold. Each group meets weekly and includes member check in, training, and group exercises. Separately, the groups offer the following:

TNG Boost meets once a week for a 90-minute session using videoconference technology. TNG Boost is an interactive meeting that focuses on the challenges and successes of the members attending. Each attendee will get the chance to ‘check in’. TNG Boost also strongly encourages networking among members to expand your opportunities.

TNG Boost has no monthly fee. TNG Gold Members are able to attend as part of their membership. Individual coaching is available to TNG Boost members for an additional fee. For those wishing to do more with their job search, TNG Boost members are given priority consideration for any TNG Gold openings.

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TNG’s premium membership – ‘Gold’ – level groups are designed to provide comprehensive job-search tools, coaching, and support for mid-career professionals. TNG Gold groups are capped at 20 members and each member must interview to gain an invitation for membership.

Gold groups meet weekly for a 3-hour interactive learning session. Sessions virtual via Zoom videoconference. Each TNG Gold group has a trainer and facilitator who manage the meetings and teach the curriculum. Both are available for individual coaching sessions as part of the membership package.

In addition to the specialized training curriculum, Gold groups include individual accountability, personal goal setting, and networking with TNG members outside of weekly meetings. All members are expected to make their job search a top priority, build relationships with their TNG classmates, finish all assignments on time, and actively participate in group discussions.

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TNG Gold Curriculum

TNG Gold has a 22-week continuing curriculum that includes the following:

Module One

Job Search Basics

  • Thriving in your job search
  • Understanding the job search process
  • TNG toolbox overview
  • LinkedIn basics

    Module Two

    Finding Your Best Job Fit

    • Strengths and weaknesses
    • Opportunities and threats
    • Your personal SWOT analysis

      Module Three

      Marketing Yourself

      • Your personal marketing plan
      • STAR stories
      • 30-second commercial
      • Networking to hidden opportunities
      • Becoming an influencer

      Module Four

      Landing Your Ideal Job

      • Selling yourself
      • Controlling the interview process
      • The Art of asking questions
      • Mock interviews
      • Sales training tips

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